Drew Pineider

24, Dallas, TX. Music. Photography. Bikes. Everything else in between.


i never took anybody’s stepdaughter to the prom. they would know nothing about it.
i don’t drink and drive. i don’t like the police so do not call them.

instrumental: Hippie Sabotage - “Stay High” (Tove Lo Flip)


The best engagement rings are the ones that hold significance. Japan-based Torafu Architects coated a ring in a thin layer of silver that rubs off over time to reveal an 18-karat, gold wedding band beneath. By wearing each ring, the time shared between two people can thus be physically seen, in order to remind them of how beautiful and strong long-lasting love can truly become as time passes.

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Audrey Hepburn

—Moon River



Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see




April 12th & 13th, 2014 - 9am-5pm Both Days
15 Railroad St. Unit #2 Andover, MA 01810

Due to a broken back and severe injury from a fairly recent accident, I am forced to close my studio doors after 4 successful years in business. We are a fully operational Photo and Video Production space designed for Family Portraits, Weddings and Corporate Work. After being hit by an SUV while on my Harley and spending the last 8 months in hospitals, my priorities have changed and it is now time to let all of my equipment go to help with medical bills.

Here is a short summary of the endless amount of camera (and non camera related) items that are filing this downtown Andover retail studio space.

Canon 5DmkII, Canon 5DmkI, Canon RebelXT, Canon Lenses, Mosaic Engineering Anti Aliasing Filter for 5DmkII, Manfrotto monopod w/ head, Manfrotto Tripod, 59” Glidetrack HD Slider, Motorized Canvas Background System, Manfrotto 6 Roller Background System, Vanity Hair Makeup Station, Desks, Mini Fridges 2x, Keurig, Tether Tools Laptop Stand, Smith Victor Video Light, Calumet Large white Product Table, GoPro Hero 2 BacPac and batteries, Eye of Mine Flat lens housing for Go Pro, Glidecam system, LED Lighting Panels 2x, Telescopic Shooting Table, 2 umbrellas, Camera Straps, Memory Card Wallets 4x, Lowepro Fastpack 350, Calumet Large Backpack, Tamrac Backpack, Think Tank Pro Speed Belt V2, Think Tank shoulder harness, Think Tank Headphone Hook, Think Tank Skin 50, Think Tank LC 75 Pop Down, Think Tank Lens Changer 35, Think Tank Multi Media Wireless, Think Tank Pro Speed Belt, Easels 2x, Sennheiser Wireless System, Nice Wooden Filing Cabinets 2x, Radio Flyer Wagon (prop), Various Stools and Photo Props such as Wooden Bowls, Baskets, Buckets and Fabrics for Newborn Baby Props, Vintage Coke Crates, Black Italian Leather Sofa and Chair, Coffee Table and Media Table that match, Rugs, OVER 20 Vintage Cameras, 20x30 LumaVue LED Backlit Display, Quantum Turbo SC and cable for Canon Flash, Juiced Link CX231, SimpleHuman Trash Cans, Office Chair, Rolling Light Stand, Canon CP-E4 battery pack, Photix WRC-C8 Remote Shutter for 5D series, Sand Bags, Metal Storage Racks, Electronic Entry Sentry Safe LARGE, Credit Card Terminal, TRACK LIGHTING WITH BARNDOOR STYLE HEADS 40x plus track.

PLUS MUCH, MUCH, MORE!!!! I couldn’t even begin to list everything I have for sale. Looking for fair prices only a fraction of what I paid. Cash preferred, credit card accepted, no checks. 2 DAY SALE ONLY! Then everything gets listed online. Call 978-886-0385 for any questions. Thanks! -Dan